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JUNE 2022


Our Registered Office Service allows a Company to use our address as a registered office address on Companies House.  This service is available to those on either a Resident Membership Package or a Virtual Office Package.  If you are not signed up to one of these packages (with all assosiated paperwork complete), you do not have our permission to use our address as a registered office address.  If you use our address without permission, you may be committing an offence by displaying incorrect information on Companies House.  To apply for the registered office service, you must complete a Registered Office Application Form.


Address: Mill House, 1 Soho Mills, Town Lane, Wooburn Green, HP10 0PF


If a members application for the Registered Office Service is granted, the member shall be under a continuing obligation to notify Mill House of any change to the information given on the application form or any relevant change in circumstances at any time during the period within which the Registered Office Service is in continued use.


In the event that the information supplied by a member in an application form is discovered at any time to be inaccurate or incomplete, or if the results of any background check are unsatisfactory for any reason, then Mill House will refuse to grant the application from the member in relation to the same or immediately terminate the Registered Office Service.


You understand and agree that any mail other than statutory mail from HMRC and Companies House will be returned to sender unless you have also signed up to our Mail Handling Service. 


We reserve the right to submit documents and forms to Companies House on your/your company’s behalf if needed or requested (for example, to change the address being displayed and submitting Confirmation Statements etc.). We may also submit documents or forms to Companies House and other bodies to inform them of suspect or illegal behaviour and incorrect listing information and/or to change the address (away from our address) of any company or director using our address without paying the appropriate fee or without our permission.


Important information you should know:

  • ID – Proof of ID and proof of address is required for every client using our service.  This is a legal requirement under the Anti Money Laundering Regulations.

  • An account will not be considered active until a) we have received payment in full for the services needed; b) valid, up to date, ID is held for every name on the account.

  • By using this service you hereby acknowledge that you have read, fully understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Service, together with Mill House general Terms and Conditions which can be found on our website and all applicable laws and regulations which are construed in accordance with English law and operate in addition to your statutory rights.

  • Client account information is stored for 5 years after a client account is closed, to comply with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations.

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