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Privacy Policy | Managing Data

as of February 2024

Mill House is committed to protecting your privacy.  Transparency is very important to us.  This privacy policy outlines what data we gather, how we use it, and the rights that you have to manage and access your data. Our policy is written in line with the General Data Protection Regulations.


Mill House collects data including email address, name, address, telephone number.  This is to enable us to work as a trusted advisor to our clients and contacts. We hold this limited data under the GDPR lawful basis of “legitimate interest”.  We are committed to ensuring that this is transparent, fair, necessary and limited.  In order to fulfil these important requirements, we carry out ongoing legitimate interest assessment.

Our uses of personal data include:

  • inviting people to networking, skills development and thought leadership events

  • updating individuals on relevant legal or regulatory changes;

  • informing individuals about a project that they might be interested; and

  • updates on Mill House services, locations or other progress.


We will never share personal information with externally controlled parties. Processors are vetted to ensure that they comply with GDPR and data protection requirements.


Mill House does not use or disclose personal information such as race, religion or political affiliations, without your explicit consent.


Individuals included in our database have the right to correct or access their information at any time. To do so, clients/individuals should log in to the members area of the Mill House website and update their account details, or contact


Individuals have the right to object to their information being used for the purposes listed above and can request that they are removed from our database at any time unless there is a legal reason for us to keep information on record.


We will keep written records of all of our processing activities relating to client data as required under the GDPR regulations.

All personal data will be kept securely in accordance with our information security policy. We will retain personal data for the purposes listed above until we decide the services we provide are no longer relevant to the individual or in rare cases indefinitely where necessary for business efficacy.


Individuals can contact the Mill House team at in the event that:

  • they are concerned or suspect that personal data processing without a lawful basis is taking place

  • a data breach has occurred

  • personal information has been accessed without the proper authorisation

  • personal information has not kept or deleted securely

  • personal information has been removed from our premises without appropriate security measures being in place

  • a breach of this policy has occurred

  • there has been a breach of any of the data protection principles set out in paragraph “Criminal records data”

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