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The Entrepreneur’s Utopia – How Co-Working Spaces Can Help You Work Smarter and Network Better

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

If you are an entrepreneur or small business considering a transition to a co-working space but don’t quite know what to expect, read on to find out all about the possible advantages which co-working spaces can offer – all while re-inventing the conventional workplace environment, and seamlessly weaving together the stability of a traditional office with the freedom and autonomy of remote work, including 24-hour access to facilities which enables you full flexibility.

Co-working spaces grant a remarkable alternative to working from home. Providing an environment that is free from distractions, they allow you to wholly focus on your business and goals – all without the constraints of long-term leases. Many budding entrepreneurs worry about office expenditure – unfortunately, the set-up costs of renting an office, as well as the long-term spending in running it, can be costly. A co-working space allows minimum financial investment, and the flexibility to suit all budgets.

Being able to work within a focused, inspiring environment leads to an increase in success, giving an opportunity for entrepreneurs to truly thrive. Co-working spaces put an emphasis on the importance of not only your business, but also yourself – providing versatile desks, ergonomic chairs, access to a fully-equipped kitchen, and access to bespoke support which includes regular workshops and expert advice. Easy access to printing and scanning, as well as exceptional internet speeds, are also factors that contribute to increasing not only productivity but also peace of mind – you no longer have to worry about fluctuating internet speeds or running out of printer ink! All these perks are bound to make a positive impact on your levels of productivity – making your work feel truly purposeful and allowing you to create a balanced structure in your professional life.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses working from home often feel isolated and detached from the outside world and fortunately, co-working spaces such as Soho Studios give an opportunity for them to be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who share their aspirations and values. Effective networking is important for many entrepreneurs working in startups, and co-working spaces – as well as the opportunity to attend regular networking meetings – will allow you to spend quality time with other high-achieving individuals, making your work identity and ethic much stronger. Such community events are exclusively designed for you to not only network but also learn countless new skills giving you the opportunity to thrive whilst increasing skill and talent.

Co-working spaces are rapidly becoming a global movement, providing a better work and life balance, boundless inspiration, and an opportunity to remain focused – all of which will contribute to the health of not only yourself but also your business.

The best way to truly understand how beneficial a co-working space can be is to try it out yourself – so, why not get in touch with us today to enquire about our range of exciting membership plans? We offer a range of different plans to suit everyone, no matter what point in your business journey you are at: we are here to support you along the way.


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