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 Mill House is a small, independent local business - we opened our doors in 2021.
The refurbishment of the space was a labour of love and nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy what we have created. 

We are passionate about all things local and constantly inspired by the brilliant people who walk though our door. 



Mill House is a haven of flexible office space, incorporating 42 coworking desks, 2 meeting spaces, breakout areas, privacy booths and a large, fully equipped kitchen.  Parking is onsite.

We know that flexibility is key to a successful working environment - we strive to ensure Mill House serves the individual needs of each member.

The welcome is always warm.




We are firm believers in the power of people, networks and collaboration.

For us, it isn’t always just about going somewhere to get the job done. As a member, you will also have the option to access our suite of business support tools including workshops, expert advice and networking evenings.. 

Regardless of the size of your business, Mill House sets you up with a fantastic community of like-minded individuals, to give you the best possible opportunity to make your business a success. 



Originally the estate office for a local paper mill, 

one of the largest in Buckinghamshire, Mill House has long been an important part of our local community.  From paper mill to the present day, our red brick, light-filled building has recently undergone a full refurbishment and internal refit.

 Being a member of Mill House means being a part of your local community.  We partner with local businesses, contribute to local initiatives, and invest in a community that we are proud to be a part of.

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